What are Rock Lights and what can I do with them?

One of the most misleading named products we offer is the Aurora LED rock light. It is labeled as a rock light but it is an incredibly versatile LED lighting product that has an endless amount of uses.

Aurora led rock light

Its first use is obviously to be used as a LED rock light or under-body lighting. When used as a rock lights these lights will produce a vibrant visual display of colors that are sure to turn the heads of anyone at a car or truck show. When venturing off the pavement these LED rock lights serve as additional LED lighting around the wheels to help you get over the obstacles ahead of you.

aurora led rock lights 

Car Audio LED Lighting – You invested a lot of money into your vehicles stereo system so why not show it off at those competitions. The multiple color options and simple installation process makes Aurora’s LED rock lights an ideal upgrade to any car audio set-up.

car stereo led lighting

LED Interior Lighting – Lets face it, the stock lighting in any vehicle can be inadequate so by using an Aurora LED rock light you can add more light to the inside of your vehicle and finally find your cell phone that you left on silent.

aurora led interior LED lighting

LED Cargo Lighting – Whether you have a cargo van or a SUV adding one or more of these to the inside of your vehicle is necessary. Since these incredibly powerful LED rock lights produce require a low 0.9 amps you can easily splice these into your vehicle’s factory wiring and these LED rock lights will now activate just like your normal factory cargo lighting would.

LED Under the hood Lighting – Most vehicles do not come equipped with a light under the hood and those that do are typically very dim. By adding a white Aurora LED light under the hood of your vehicle you can make basic maintenance and checking vehicle fluids a breeze. If you have a show car then the judges will be impressed when you open the hood and they see one of the colored LED rock lights under your hood.

aurora led light under hood

LED Truck Bed Lighting – These LED rock lights are great for adding to the bed of any pick-up truck if you are looking to add some additional light when you're loading or unloading cargo.

LED Truck Cap Lighting – If you have a cap on the bed of your truck then by adding LED rock lights to the interior ceiling of the cap will provide you with a lot light to find the gear you need.

Boat LED Lighting and Marine LED Lighting – These Aurora LED rock lights can have many unique purposes on a boat.

  • LED Boat Deck Lights – With the multiple color and mounting options it’s very easy to increase the visual look of your boat while also providing safety for moving around at night. For LED boat deck lights, you can even add an Aurora Rock light kit that connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and you can make the lights strobe to your music. Lastly the Aurora LED Rock Light kits can be activated by your voice, something the competitors have yet to offer.
Aurora led rock deck lights
  • LED Lights for Bass boats – Since these LED boat LED lights only draw 0.9 Amps, they are perfect for small boats so add some White LED lights to the front of your bass boat for a little extra light. Or use the green led rock lights for night time fishing.
  • LED Boat Interior Lights – Both the blue LED light and the red LED light are great for adding interior LED lighting to your boat without attracting all the bugs.
aurora blue led boat lights

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