NEW Aurora LED Light Bars with Scene Beam Pattern

These Aurora LED light bars feature a unique beam that projects the LED light in 120° both horizontally and vertically. The result of these Beams is a very wide light that provides an ample amount of light in a short distance.


The Aurora Scene beam LED light bar is great for commercial and noncommercial usage.

Professional Use – Mining. Construction, landscaping, Tow Trucks, Wreckers, fork lifts, logging and Agriculture.

Non-Commercial UseCamping, Reverse lights, Ditch Lights, Off Road LED lights, Side Lights.

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Single Row LED light bar with Scene Beam Key Features

Aurora scene beam key features

Single Row LED light Bar with Scene Beam Dimensions

Aurora single row led light bar scene beam

Dual Row LED Light Bar with Scene Beam Key Features

aurora led light bar with scene beam

Dual Row LED Light Bar with Scene Beam Dimensions

aurora led light bar dual row scene beam

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