Aurora LED Boat Lights options

When it comes to navigating the water Aurora Marine Series has a multitude of options to help you illuminate the water ways to spot the buoys, docks, river banks and other obstacles. Auroras Marine boat LED lights are the best option for your boat or watercraft due to Aurora’s high-quality standards and affordability.


Using Aurora LED lights as navigation lights are popular among boaters not just because of their ability to precisely throw light in the direction you need but they are also made in quality in mind. Aurora LED light bars are compatible for both 12-volt and 24-volt systems and installation is simple with the included wiring harness.

aurora boat led light bars

Built to last; Aurora’s LED light bars come with an IP69 ingress rating so don’t worry if you splash a little water on it. To qualify for the this IP69 rating Aurora constructs the housing of high quality 6063 aluminum and then combines the LED light bar with UV & Scratch resistant GE Lexan lens. To ensure an impenetrable seal, the LED light bar is then sealed together with 316 stainless steel screws inserted every 1.5" of surface area which makes it durable enough for the most extreme boating conditions. Lastly, the products are tested against heavy vibration so it can survive choppy waters and other harsh conditions.


On the outside the Aurora Marine LED Light bars are powder coated with Dupont paint in a glossy marine white finish to resist UV radiation and salt water. Boating at night can be a 20 minute event or an 8-hour event so heat dissipation matters. Aurora’s Marine LED lights bars come fortified with dual over-sized heat sinks for maximum rapid heat disposition so these lights can operate in a remarkable temperature range of -40° to 155° F.


To turn Night into Day, Aurora Marine LED light bars are equipped with high quality Cree LED’s which are made in the US and have a 94% reflector efficiency ensuring no light is wasted. All Aurora Marine LED light bars are equipped with combination beam patterns, but the LED marine cubes have different beam patterns available.

  • LED Light Bar Combination Beam PatternThis is the most popular beam pattern because it combines both a spot & flood beam pattern making it an incredibly versatile tool to have in your LED lighting arsenal. aurora led light bar combination beam pattern
  • Spot Beam Pattern: A focused and precise light beam that emits light at a 10 degree angle allowing the light to go as far as possible.aurora led light spot beam patter
  • Flood Beam Pattern: This beam is wide, wide enough to illuminate the sides of the trail making obstacles easier to see which maximizes your safety.aurora led light flood pattern
  • Driving Beam PatternThe Driving beam produces a light spread of 60 degrees and is noticeable by its sharp diamond shaped light pattern.aurora led light bar driving beam
  • Read our LED Beam Light guide to learn more about the available beam types

Aurora’s boat LED lighting products all include a Deutsch waterproof connector and Aurora’s patented military breather to prevent condensation build up in your LED light bar.



To appeal to all boating needs Aurora offers the widest range of boat LED lighting possible and are offered in a variety of sizes.

Aurora 6 Inch LED Light Bar             Aurora 10 Inch LED Light Bar

    aurora 6 inch boat led light bar                  aurora 10 inch led light bar

Aurora 20 Inch LED Light Bar           Aurora 30 Inch LED Light Bar

aurora 20 inch boat led light bar                     aurora 30 inch boat led light bar

Aurora 40 Inch LED Light Bar           Aurora 50 Inch LED Light Bar

Aurora 40 Inch boat LED light bar                      aurora 50 inch boat LED light bar

Aurora 3 Inch LED Light Cube         Aurora 3 Inch LED Light Flush mount

Aurora 3 inch boat led light cube                 Aurora 3 inch boat led light flush mount  


Now that you’re sold on buying an Aurora LED boat light for your watercraft you will need to mount them. Every Aurora boat LED light bar is equipped with an exclusive mount that offers an incomparable 360° rotation giving you an endless source of mounting possibilities.

Aurora Boat LED light bar mounts

So shop now to browse our large selection of marine and boat led light bars and LED light cubes to outfit you boat . If you can't find what you're looking for then email our customer service team at and they can help you with your selection.

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