The LED Diffused Beam, The Most Overlooked Beam Pattern

When it comes to underrated LED beam patterns, the Diffused Beam Pattern takes the gold medal. Since the Diffused Beam pattern is only offered in LED pods, most individuals go with the Flood Beam Pattern or the Spot Beam Pattern because they are more familiar with those beam patterns. 

aurora led light diffused lights

So what is a LED Diffused Light Beam ?

Aurora diffused led light pod

The diffusion beam produces a softer light which gives the illusion of the light surrounding the obstacle as opposed to other beams which shine directly onto the obstacle which can create a glare.This pattern is produced by having  diffuser over the lens which scatters the light to create a softer light. This produces a pattern of approximately 100 degrees wide, with no defined edge.

Aurora LED Diffused Light

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Diffused LED Light Pod?

  • Diffused LED Light Pod Advantages: These lights are great for LED reverse lights or for LED fog lights due to their diffused light output.
  • Diffused LED Light Pod Disadvantages: Due to the wide angle of these beam these lights come with a limited light range.
  • Mounting Locations: These are great for an extra set of LED reverse lights, whether they be roof mounted or bumper mounted. They also make great LED fog lights which can me mounted on your bumper or custom mounted to fit in your factory fog light location.

Aurora LED light pod with diffused light pattern

What Products are offered with a LED Diffused Light Pattern?

Aurora offers two LED products that feature a Diffused Beam pattern.

Aurora 3 Inch LED Pod with Diffused Beam - This Aurora LED Diffused kit produces 3,880 lumens and includes two pods, mounting hardware, and a full wiring harness. This kit is perfect for adding to any vehicle that needs additional lighting on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Aurora led diffused Pod

Aurora 3 Inch LED Flush mount Pod with Diffused Beam - This Flush Mount Aurora LED Diffused kit produces 3,880 lumens and includes two Flush Mount pods, stainless steel mounting hardware, a full wiring harness, and a gasket that can be used as a drilling template.

Off Road Bumpers LED Light Lights - With fabricators creating more bumpers for Off-Road vehicles the flush mount kit is a must have as it fits most aftermarket bumper designs. If you don't have a custom bumper this kit can also work with you stock bumpers as the included mounting gasket acts as an excellent drilling template.

Aurora diffused beams

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