Go the Distance with Aurora’s Hybrid Beam Light Bars

The Aurora Hybrid light bar can sometimes be overlooked as a viable option for your off road vehicle because of its name and complex product description. So we will take some time to easily explain why you need the Aurora Hybrid Series Light bar on your vehicle before you go out on your next adventure.


Aurora Hybrid LED Light bar

What is the Hybrid Light Bar Beam Pattern?

The Hybrid beam pattern can be best summed up as a wide, spot beam pattern that is fortified with Aurora's patented LED optics. These light bar's have the abilty to push the beam further than any competitors light bar and on average throws the beam 20% further than other light bars in it's class.

Why its called a Hybrid Light Bar?

The reason why it's called a Hybrid Series light bar is due to its composition of LED chips and optics. The Hybrid light bar features an unique arrangement of LED chips, it features 3-watt Cree XBD LED's and 10 Watt Cree XML LED's. This exclusive configuration allows the light beam to be hurled into the darkness at an unparalleled range, turning night to day.


Advantages of Disadvantages of a Hybrid Series Light Bar

  • Advantages: The Hybrid Beam Light bar has the longest beam throw in its class, and also the widest spot beam pattern available on the market.
  • Disadvantages: While this beam is not as narrow as the traditional spot beam, it is still narrow and may not be ideal for all terrains.
  • Mounting Locations: This is great for mounting on your front bumper or it can be mounted on the roof or upper windshield.

Hybrid Series Light Bar or Combination Beam Light Bar?

The Hybrid Series light bar does have a beam pattern that may appear to be similar to combination beam light bars but neither should be interchanged with one another as they both have their own benefits.


If you are looking for a light bar that needs to be wide, then you want a combination beam light bar, but if you need a light bar that will go as far as possible and don't need the width, then a Hybrid Series Light Bar is what you want.

What light bars are offered with a Hybrid Beam Pattern?

Aurora offers the Hybrid Series light bar in a Dual Row Series and a Single Row Series. The Hybrid LED Light Bar is offered in sizes starting at 10 Inches and ending at 50 Inches, giving you a large range of options to get this product mounted on your vehicle.

Find the right Aurora Hybrid Series Light bar by checking out the full category.

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