What Are The Best LED Light Bars For Trucks

One of the most popular upgrades to any off-road vehicle is LED lighting which can be a LED light bar, LED rock lights, or LED pod lights. Off road LED lighting makes a great investment and is perfect for lighting up the darkest trails, providing auxiliary lighting, additional job site lighting, fog lights and much much more.

Determining which LED light bar is right for your truck depends on your vehicles intended purpose. Do you need a light bar to be built to withstand various harsh driving conditions or will your primary usage for light bars be for Car and Truck shows. 

The Struggle 

The downside to making the leap to purchase a LED light bar for your truck is the large range of LED light bars on the market. The decision to purchase a LED light bar for your truck should include understanding the different types of LED light bars, LED light bar beam patterns, LED Light bar brightness, LED light bar sizes, LED light bar wiring harness, and LED light bar mounts.

Various Styles of Truck LED Light Bars

With the diverse range of off-road trucks and off-road SUV’s available today the Truck LED light bar market must be capable of catering to the different requirements of these vehicles. This may include different light bar shapes, sizes and beam patterns.

  • LED Rock Lights Used to illuminate the undercarriage of off-road trucks, adding LED rock lights to your truck becomes beneficial when wheeling at night as the rock lights can shed some light on any hidden obstacle that may exist. LED rock lights also make the perfect addition to any truck at a Truck show.
  • LED Light Pods – Small in size but packed with power, LED light pods make a great addition to any off-road truck where space is an issue. LED light pods have the following variations available:.
  • Single Row Light bars – Containing 6 LED chips or more these LED light bars keep a low profile allowing the user maximum flexibility with regards to mounting.
  • Dual Row Light Bars – Best used when mounting space isn't a requirement and for delivering maximum power. Pound for pound the dual row truck light bars will produce the most amount of light.

LED Truck Light Bar Beam Patterns

Aurora offers a large range of LED light bar beam patterns for your truck so choosing the correct light bar beam pattern is important to make sure you get the most out of your new LED light bar for your truck.

Aurora spot beam truck led light bar

Aurora scene beam led truck light bar

aurora flood beam truck led light bar

aurora driving beam truck led light bar

aurora diffused beam truck led light bar

aurora combination beam truck led light bar

aurora amber beam truck led light bar

LED Truck Light bars Brightness

Whether you’re lighting up a dark trail, reversing down a dark alley or even if you’re trying to get first place at the local car & truck show, Aurora LED light bars are guaranteed to shine further and brighter than the competitors.

With that said you should have a clear understanding of how much light you need. Too many times we speak to customers about their individuals LED lighting needs and their first response is they want the biggest light bar for their truck.

Aurora light bars are notorious for packing a lot of light in a small package.

aurora led light bar Beam patters

LED Truck Light Bars Ingress Rating

Choosing a quality LED light bar is important and can be reflected by the LED light bars Ingress rating. Aurora offers the highest LED light bar ingress rating for trucks as Aurora light bars feature a IP69 ingress rating which means it can stand up to pressure washers and severe weather scenarios. 

Aurora quality led light bars

LED Truck Light Bar Sizes

Aurora always has the customers best interest in mind, so Aurora provides a large range of light bar sizes to satisfy every requirement. To find the best size LED light bar for your truck Off Brand offers a “Shop By Size” feature to make your LED light bar buying decision as convenient as possible.

Aurora truck LED  light bars

LED Truck Light Bars Wiring Harness

Getting the best LED light bar for your truck means nothing if your light bar is wired incorrectly. If you do an internet search for “LED light bar Wiring Harness” you will be engulfed with hundreds of LED light bar wiring harnesses making the buying decision cumbersome. All Aurora truck LED light bars include a FREE, deluxe truck light bar wiring harness making your shopping experience as simple as possible.

Aurora Truck LED Light Bar Wiring Harness

Components of the Truck LED light Bar wiring harness

  • Light Switch

aurora truck led light bar switch

  • Water Resistant Relay

aurora truck led light bar relay

  • In Line Fuse

Aurora Truck LED Light Bar Fuse

  • Deutsch Connector

aurora truck led light bar deutsch connectors

LED Truck Light Bars Mounts

To secure your trucks LED light bar to your vehicle it’s important that you install rugged mounts that will will ensure your truck light bar doesn't fall off.

Aurora Truck LED Light Bar Mounts

The other issue you need to be conscious of is the hardware used to fasten the truck LED light bar to your vehicle. Cheap truck LED light bars don’t include stainless steel light bar mounting hardware instead, they just include cheap zinc plated hardware which will succumb to rust in about a year.


The Best LED Truck Light Bar

Choosing a LED can seem like a daunting task but this guide does a decent job of summing up the LED truck light bar features that you should be focusing on. To recap you should be focusing on the following 

The Style of the LED Truck Light Bar:

What fits your needs?

The Beam Pattern of the LED Truck Light Bar:

What will be your intended use?

The Brightness of the LED Light Bar:

How much Light do you need?

The Ingress Rating of the LED Truck Light Bar:

Higher the number the greater the protection.

The Sizes of the LED truck light bar:

How much mounting space do you have?

The Wiring Harness for the Truck LED light bar:

Quality harness should be used to ensure you are getting maximum power out of your new investment.

The Mounts for the LED Truck Light Bar

Rugged and sturdy mounts will keep the light bar in place during your off-road adventures.

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