At Off Brand we try our best to make shopping for the perfect light bar, light cube or LED rock lights as easy as possible. We understand that choosing the perfect light bar to meet your needs can be a daunting and cumbersome task. So last year we made some changes and added Shop By Series so you can easily find the Aurora LED light bar you were looking for. While that helped, we noticed that some off-road enthusiast were still having trouble selecting the correct light bar for their vehicle.

So this year we added a new way to find the perfect LED light bar and that was the new Shop By Size feature. This new feature allowed you to select the light bar you wanted based off the available Aurora sizes. The “Shop by size” was a big hit because all you had to do was know your mounting space. While our customers were impressed by how much easier it was to find a led light bar we still wanted to take to the next level. So last week we rolled out two new features, the Shop By Beam Type and the Shop By Shape feature.

Shop By Beam Type - With this option you can select the light bar you want based of the LED light bar beam pattern. So, if you know which beam pattern you want all you have to do is select from one of the available LED beam patterns and it will take you to all the Aurora products that offer that specific beam type.

amber led light

led combination beam

Led diffused beam

led driving beam

LED Flood Beam


LED Wide angle Scene Beam

led spot beam


Shop By Shape – With this option if you know the LED light bar look you are aiming for you can easily see which lights are available in that shape.

The available shapes to choose from are 

Aurora Curved LED Light Bars

 Aurora LED Curved Light Bars

Rectangle LED Light bars

Aurora Rectangle light bars

Round LED Lights

 Aurora round led lights

Square LED Light Pods

aurora led pods

With the addition of these new features finding the best light bar will be less time-consuming giving you more time to enjoy the product. Just add to cart, enjoy the Fast n FREE shipping option, wait for UPS, install and then hit the trials.

If you are still having trouble picking out that perfect LED light bar then contact us by using our online Chat,  E-Mail ( or by Phone (484)- 513-7746

And we will be happy to assist!