Aurora LED Amber Lights

Amber LED lights have been increasing in popularity recently so we thought we would take a moment to discuss Amber LED light bars and Amber LED light pods.

Before we start let’s address the three main questions that everyone has.

Why are amber led lights better than white led lights in fog conditions? Amber LED lights are better due to the longer wavelengths that are produced by the light. The wavelengths for amber LED lights are longer than blue or the traditional white LED lights which means the amber LED light can penetrate thick fog better.

Why are amber LED lights a good choice for fog lights? Amber LED lights are great for fog lights because of the location and angle they are mounted in. While the wavelength helps amber LED lights penetrate thick fog the low mounting location of the light helps as well.

Why are amber led lights better than white LED lights in the snow? Amber LED lights are better in snow conditions because snow is white, and the color white is a highly reflective color. When you apply large amounts of white light onto a white surface you can expect a huge glare.

Now that you understand why amber LED lights are important its time for you to equip your vehicle with a good set of Amber LED lights. You have two options when it comes to Amber LED lights and that’s Aurora and everyone else.

The Aurora Difference!

What makes Aurora Amber light bars different from the competitors is that Aurora uses amber LED chips with a clear lens while everyone else uses white LED chips and an amber lens.

Recently there has been a lot of companies introducing amber LED light bars with an amber lens which gives the product a good look, but it handicaps the overall functionality of the product. The problem with this method is that it restricts the amount of light that comes out of the amber light bar or amber light pod.

Aurora chooses to manufacture their products with amber LED chips and a clear lens because it allows the amber LED light to be brighter and push the beam further to help you navigate fog, snow and other inclement weather conditions.


Aurora Amber LED Light Bars and Amber LED Pods Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel screws – Anti-corrosive not prone to rust

Over-sized heat sink – Double the area which results in faster heat dissipation

Military breather – Allows the light bar to maintain the proper air balance and prevent condensation

Waterproof fuse housing – Easy to install, multiple mounting options

Relay – Included and connected to the wiring harness

Deutsch Waterproof connector – Sealed to the elements

aurora amber led light bars

What Products can Aurora offer me?

Designed with the end user in mind, Aurora offers Amber LED Lights in a multitude of products.

Aurora Amber LED Light bars

  • With sizes starting at 10 inch and going all the way up to 50 inches.
aurora amber led light bars

    Aurora Amber LED Pods

    • Available in the popular 3-inch LED pod featuring the two most popular beam patterns of Spot Amber and Flood Amber.

    aurora amber led light pods

    Aurora Amber LED Pod Light Covers

    • Durable amber covers are also available if you already have a set of Aurora LED pod lights on your vehicle. These covers simply snap on and off.

    aurora amber led light covers

    Aurora Amber LED Light Bar Covers

    • Rugged amber covers for your Aurora LED light bar. Sizes start at 4 inches and go up to 50 inches. Simply snap them on and go.

    aurora amber led light bar covers

    Aurora Amber Overcast series

    • The exclusive Aurora Overcast series contains LED pods equipped with a white LED light but include amber covers at a discounted price.

    Aurora overcast edition amber led light pods

    Aurora Amber Rock Lights

    • Aurora LED rock light that emits an amber beam at a very wide 120°.

    aurora amber led rock light

    Aurora AW Series LED Light bars

    • Have your cake and eat it too. These LED light bars feature a multi function light bar that is equipped with an LED amber beam and a white LED beam.

    aurora all weather series led light bars

    Don’t let bad weather stop your adventure, equip your vehicle with Aurora LED lighting and let the journey begin.