6 Things To Consider Before Buying LED Lights For Your Boats

Purchasing a new LED boat light is not a simple as it used to be in the past, between sizes, LED chips and other various components, purchasing a boat LED light bar can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re an angler, commercial fisherman or just a weekend boater, they all require quality and affordable boat LED lighting to provide you with the best boat light navigation illumination. We wanted to make your next purchase a little easier so you don’t get lost in all the technical aspects that can appear overwhelming.

While LED boat lights are a great addition to any boat, you must first understand your personal boating habits and your specific boating requirements.

Boat Lighting LED Chips

As stated by the manufacturer Aurora, “LED’s are the heart and soul of the LED light bar”. This makes that component, an extremely crucial part in your LED boat light purchase. Its recommended to stick with brand named LED chips that are recognized for their durability and quality principles. Another important aspect is the efficiency of the LED chip and that’s because that element contributes immensely to the brightness of the LED boat light.


Waterproof Rating On LED Boat Lights 

Better known as Ingress rating, this will dictate how the Boat LED light bar will react when it comes in contact with liquids and other foreign contaminants. The bare minimum IP rating for any LED lighting for boats that will be exposed to the elements should be an IP68. Anything less than an IP68 rating will undoubtedly result in condensation behind the LED boat light lens which is always followed by burnt out LEDs and then a non-functioning light bar.

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LED Boat Lights Compatibility With Your Boat

Marine boats come in a variety of voltage systems that range from 6 volts to 30 volts. However, the most common boat electrical systems are 12-volt and 24-volt electrical systems. Aurora LED lighting for boats are rated for all marine vessels. With 12-volt LED lights for boats being the most common, all Aurora boat LED lighting wiring harnesses come standard with a 12-volt relay. To meet all of our customer’s needs, Aurora does offer a 24-volt relay upgrade for those who need it.


Overheating Protection Boat LED Lighting

When it comes to LED boat light navigation this is an important key to the product’s longevity. While LED boat lights produce significantly less heat then a halogen light it still generates heat especially when used for a prolong duration. It is very important that the boat navigation lights have circuit boards and housings that are engineered to effectively disperse excessive heat as too much heat can damage the boat LED light resulting in the products premature failure.

6 Things To Consider Before Buying LED Lights For Your Boats

Boat LED Lighting Corrosion Protection

Unlike ordinary tap or drinking water, ocean water contains high levels of salt which can rapidly corrode your boat navigation lights. For that reason, your next LED boat light must be coated in a material that prevents rust and corrosion from destroying your new boat led light. Aurora LED light bars are coated with a special Dupont coating that guarantees your light bar to remain unchanged for 5 years.

Best Size LED Boat Lights

We saved this one for last because we wanted you to have a clear understanding of all the other LED boat lighting features before we get into what size LED light is best for your boat.

To start, Aurora Light Bars are designed and manufactured differently than other lighting companies. Understanding Aurora boat LED light bars is very similar to buying a flat screen TV for your living room. When you purchase a 50-inch TV, the screen will be 50 inches which will make the overall length greater than 50 inches.

Aurora LED boat light navigation sizes

The picture above is an Aurora 50 Inch LED boat Light bar which shows that the overall length of the LED boat light bar isn’t 50 inches just the lens is. The overall length of an Aurora 50 Inch Marine light bar is actually 51.6 inches.

This lumens of an Aurora LED boat light bar will correlate with the size of it so we created the chart below so you can understand the lumens per LED boat light size.

Bright Aurora LED boat light bars

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