New LED Light Bar Solution for Bass Boats

Nighttime catfishing in Tennessee is one of the best experiences an any angler can experience. The difficulty in this adventure may not just be in catching the fish but in the navigating of the murky water. These types of water condition can cause serious damage to your boat if your boat is not equipped with sufficient led boat lighting. Joe in Tennessee was experiencing this same problem, so he decided to outfit his 20-foot bass boat with Aurora LED boat lighting.

When it comes to traditional LED boat lighting most consumers choose white led boat lighting but not Joe, he wanted a LED boat lighting with a black housing. The reason why Joe wanted a black housing was because the traditional white led marine lights would stand out too much. So Joe went with the Aurora 10 Inch Dual row LED light bar, this boat LED light bar produces 8,500 lumens and is equipped with a combination beam pattern.

While the combination beam pattern on this Marine LED light bar met Joe’s needs, he took it a step further and fabricated his own boat light mount that was on a swivel. To build this LED boat light mount he used a piece of metal to use as a light bar base and for the shaft he re-purposed a Driftmaster fishing pole holder. To secure this boat light set-up to his boat he used the Driftmaster pole holder bases that are placed around his boat.

Bass Boat LED lighting Aurora 10 Inch LED light bar

With this new Bass Boat set-up, he can easily maneuver the light bar side to side and move the light around the boat providing him with an increase range of movement.

What do you think of Joe's custom LED boat light set-up?

Aurora Bass Boat LED Lighting

Joe's next project is getting the Aurora 4 inch Wide Angle scene Beam lights mounted to make launching his boat easier at night. Be sure to follow us to see how that project works out. 

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