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There are a lot of LED headlights on the market for today cars, trucks and SUV’s so it’s hard to tell which the best LED headlights on the market are, but you should be very careful about how you choose a replacement for your stock lighting system. Amazon and eBay are probably the the biggest retailers selling LED headlights with a large majority of them being cheap and poorly made.

What classifies these headlights as “poorly made” is that fact that they use bulky fans to cool the LED headlights which then becomes the primary failure point. All it takes is a little dust to get into the fan and your new LED headlight will fail prematurely.


(Here is my personal collection of HID lights and LED headlights that i have tried and failed over the last two year.)

cheap LED headlights

(You can see that I spent a lot of time purchasing cheap LED headlights on amazon and cheap LED headlights on Ebay and all end up in the box of shame.) 

According to a recent article written by Local 10 out of Miami, “Brighter headlights are causing bigger problems for drivers” which creates a prefect segway into the other big issue which is inconsistent beam patterns. Cheap LED headlights shouldn’t be installed into your factory headlights as they essentially “blow out” the light beam into every direction possible, blinding oncoming traffic. Now if you have projector headlights then it isn’t as bad since the projectors control the LED light beam better than a non-projector headlight.

Its time for a change

With Aurora being a leader in off-road light bars they decided that they should take the challenge to develop and manufacture better LED headlights. When the competitor’s samples of the LED headlights equipped with fans arrived at Aurora’s engineering lab, the engineers immediately saw the fans as a huge design flaw, so they went to work to create the worlds first fan-less LED headlight.

aurora led headlight bulbs

Months later the Aurora engineers emerged with the innovative G10 LED headlights. These revolutionary new LED headlights eliminated the failure prone fan by using a patented, high-efficiency copper heat sink to dissipate heat. The result was a powerful, more efficient LED headlight that improved the LED headlights cooling by over 50% when compared to competitors.

aurora led headlight

The engineers consolidated the LED headlight body to a one-piece design, and then fortified the LED headlight with the use of ultra-durable 6063 aviation aluminum. For longevity purposes the LED headlight is treated with an anti-corrosion & anti-oxidation treatment that is applied with an electrostatic spray process.

aurora led headlights

Even after that ground-breaking enhancement the engineers were not done yet because the other issue with LED headlights is a poorly designed beam that shines into the eyes of on-coming drivers. The engineers developed a patented AR optical design which emits a LED beam with a clear boundary and cut off line. Powering these LED headlights are powerful Lumileds LED’s which use 35 watts per LED headlight to push out 8000 lumens resulting in a lux output that is 30% to 50% higher than the closest competitors.

aurora led headlights

To power these LED headlights the engineers developed a distinctively shaped control module by creating smalls waves on the control module surface to assist in heat dissipation. The bottom of the LED headlight control module was designed with a visible curvature to provide another of method of heat dissipation.

 aurora led headlight driver module

The modules are also equipped with CAN-BUS which means there will be NO light flicker, assuring the LED headlight will cooperate with your vehicles electronic system. To make these LED headlights easier to install the engineers reduced the size of the module and shaped the driver so that both the input and the output wires exit the module on the same side.

To finalize the products superiority the engineers developed the input and output wires to be waterproof allowing them to be used on any vehicles.

aurora best led headlights

When it comes to selecting your next LED headlight its best to go with Aurora’s Patented G10 LED headlights. Not only will the installation be easier, but they will also be safer for on-coming traffic. We recently helped a customer who purchased a set of patented, American made LED headlights that came equipped with a cooling fan. The customer paid $300 for two pairs of LED headlights and was told that they were a Plug and Play LED headlight kit. When it came time to install these expensive LED headlights the patented bulky fan design would not allow the LED headlights to fit in his headlight. Furthermore, the product was not a plug and play headlight kit.

The customer called us for help, and assumed that all LED headlights would be the same. We were so sure our LED headlights would work that we sent him a set free of charge so he can experience the difference of Aurora LED headlights. We were able to put a smile on the customers face because the products were plug n and play that came with a huge price savings to match.

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