Best LED Headlight for Dual Sports

Riding your Dual Sport at night can be challenging if your Dual Sport isn’t equipped with adequate LED Bike lighting. Luckily there are a lot of solutions for Dual Sport LED lighting, the downside is that a lot of these Dual Sport LED lighting options are expensive and overpriced. This dilemma leaves lots of bike riders pondering if they should make the large investment or just keep the Dual Sports stock lighting set-up.

Well what if we told you there was still one more option, an option that is durable, rugged and most importantly, affordable.

Let us introduce you to the Aurora Lasers LED lights.

 Best LED Headlight for Dual Sports

These rigid Dual Sport LED lights feature a modern round design furnished with a curvature that possesses the ability to blend with any Dual Sport Bike. The last thing you want is two eye sores hanging off your bike, so to prevent that, the Aurora Lasers are powdered coated black. Below is a picture of a 2003 Suzuki DRZ400S, how well do you think the Aurora Laser lights blend in with the Dual Sport?

Aurora Lasers Suzuki DRZ400S LED Lights

Due to the Aurora Laser’s compact size they can be added to any Dual Sport with ease. To add these LED lights to your Dual sport you can simply splice in the Aurora Lasers to your factory Dual Sport lighting or use an Aurora switch and wiring harness.

Aurora Dual Sport Suzuki LED lights LED Lasers Dimensions

Some more reasons why Aurora makes the Best Dual Sport LED Lights:

Instant on LED Lights means the LED light on your dual sport is on when you need it. No dull halogen lighting or waiting for HID’s to warm up.

Pure white LED lighting for your Dual Sport, no imitation here. When you hit the power switch you will be unleashing 1,800 lumens onto the night.

Aurora Dual Sport LED light beam Pattern - Aurora Laser

These long-range LED lights feature a Spot beam pattern that is emitted at a very narrow and precise 10 degrees. To put that in perspective, an average Aurora Flood Beam LED light emits light at a wide 60 degrees.

Aurora Dual Sport LED Light Beam - Aurora Laser

Power consumption, with Dual Sports, Dirt bikes, Adventure Bikes and Motorcycle owners in mind, Aurora engineered the Laser lights to be powerful, compact but also energy efficient. While this LED light produces a large amount of light, it has a very low power consumption of 0.7 Amps.

Built to survive the harshest journeys, you can count on the Aurora Laser to take licking with its IP69 ingress rating, 6063 aluminum housing and Poly-carbonate lens. Each Aurora Laser comes standard with stainless steel mounting hardware that secures the LED light to your Dual Sport.


Make the connection to your Dual sport with the included Deutsch Connectors that are world renowned for providing a secure waterproof connection.

Aurora Dual Sport LED Light Connectors - Deutsch Connectors

The Aurora Lasers are also great for Enduro LED lighting, Motocross LED Lighting and dirt bikes. Check out the chart below to see all the ways you can set-up an Aurora LED Laser on your vehicle.


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