Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Highlander

Our customer Erick loves Aurora LED lighting products, he has completely outfitted his Lexus GX470 with all Aurora lights. Erick like many others are tired of buying cheap LED lights off Amazon and EBay only to have the LED light bar or light pod fail prematurely. While Erick is currently working on a couple of more top-secret projects for his Lexus GX470, he took a break to add some LED reverse lights to his wife’s Toyota Highlander. 

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Introduction to the Best LED Reverse Lights for a Toyota Highlander Video

In this LED reverse light video Erick switches it up and has his wife Brandi (or Brandy), do the presentation of Aurora LED 2 Inch Flush Mount LED lights.

Why add LED Reverse Lights to a Toyota Highlander?

Currently Brandy or Brandi cannot see when while reversing at night in her Toyota highlander. Reversing out of her driveway at night is a problem and if she is backing downhill the challenge is even greater. This Toyota Highlander is equipped with a factory back-up camera to assist in the safe operation of reversing at night, but that upgraded amenity still doesn’t help.

To compensate for this drawback, she is forced to roll down her window and then stick her head out of the Toyota Highlander’s window to safely back up without damaging her vehicle. This compensation technique is something plenty of people in her situation perform in order to safely maneuver their vehicle while in reverse.

While most of the Aurora LED lighting for Toyota 4Runners and Toyota Highlanders are for off roading intentions, the addition of LED reverse lights to this Toyota Highlander is vital to safe vehicle operation at night.

What is in the video of “Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Highlander”?

What Erick and his wife did in this video was a Step By Step installation video on how to effectively install Aurora LED reverse lights on a Toyota Highlander using Aurora’s 2 Inch Flush Mount Wide Angle Scene Beam LED Reverse Lights.

You will learn how to cut the holes into the body of the Toyota highlander to successfully mount the Aurora’s 2 Inch LED Reverse Lights. You will also be shown how the wiring of the LED reverse lights is performed so you can repeat the same project yourself.

  • LED Reverse Light Introduction: From the start of the LED reverse light video to 0:46.
  • LED Reverse Light Un-boxing and Details: 0:50 to 3:50 - You will learn about the Aurora LED reverse lights and their logic for installing LED reverse lights on a Toyota Highlander
  • Aftermarket Reverse LED Taillight: 4:55 to 5:35 - They discuss their current LED reverse lights that are installed and show just how ineffective they are.
  • Running the wires for LED Reverse Lights: 8:23 to 18:20
  • Cutting the holes for the LED Reverse Lights: 18:49 to 21:22
  • Wiring the Aurora LED Reverse Lights and the LED Reverse Light Switch: 29:18
  • Testing the Aurora LED Reverse Lights after Wiring Completion: 29:30 to 30:10
  • Testing the Aurora LED Reverse Lights on a Dark Trail: 30:15 to 34:18

Here is the LED Reverse Light install Video, watch and enjoy!

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