Best Toyota Tacoma Light Bars


The Toyota Tacoma is the best mid-size truck in North America, the only off-road component that does not come stock on the truck is LED lights and that is where Lexbern lights comes in.


Toyota Sequoia LED Reverse Lights

Our customer Tom is back for more Overland lights for his 2nd Gen Toyota Sequoia or XK60, check what we did for the rear of this Toyota.

Toyota RAV4 Overland Light Bar

Ready to take your Toyota RAV4 out of the suburbs and into the unknown? Then check out this quick article about getting your RAV4 ready for overland travel.

Toyota Sequoia Overland LED Lighting Set-up

Our customers 2008 Toyota Sequoia has undergone a lot major overland upgrades to get it ready for its Colorado adventures. He came to us complete the last step of his overland rig which is overland LED lighting.

Affordable Toyota Tacoma Body Armor Off-Road Lights

Body Armor
While there are many Toyota Off Road light bars on the market there is only one brand that gives you quality, brightness and affordability.

Brightest Toyota Tundra Amber Light Bar

Addictive Desert Designs
Just bought an Addictive Desert Design off road bumper but don't know which off road lights to install? This 4 minute read will show you the best Toyota tundra light bar options available. 

Toyota Tacoma Grille Light Bars

One of our customers wanted to add light bars to the front of his Toyota Tacoma but he didn’t want to alter the look of the front end so he decided to go with hidden Toyota off road light bars.

Lexus GX470 Gets AURORA Triple LED Fog Lights Pods!!

One of our long time customers Erick is back with a new LED Fog Light Video for his Lexus GX470. Check out his new installation video.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prinsu Roof Rack Light bar

Looking for an affordable light bar for your Toyota Land Cruisers new Prinsu roof rack? Then read this quick article and found out how the Aurora 40" NSSR series can easily integrate into your Toyota's lighting set-up.

Toyota Tundra LED Reverse Lights Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs
Our customer returns for more lights to outfit his Toyota Tundra 's rear ADD Stealth Fighter bumper with Aurora's LED Reverse lights.

Easy LED Fog Light Upgrade for your Toyota 4runner 3rd Gen

4 runner
Check out this in-depth video by one of our customers who installed a set of Aurora Diffused LED light pods as Fog lights for his 3rd Gen Toyota 4runner. This 20 minute video will walk you through all the steps needed to complete this task in your own driveway.

Toyota Tundra Off Road Lights - ADD's Stealth Fighter Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs
Looking for off road lights for your Toyota Tundra's aftermarket bumper? Then read this quick article to see how we helped our customer get affordable and bright LED off road lights for his Addictive Desert Designs Stealth fighter bumper.