Voltage drop is a common problem that is experienced by end users of light bars. The most common cause of voltage drop in light bars can be due to worn power or ground wires which prevents the free flow of current to your LED lights. The second most common cause of voltage drop is connecting too many LED lights in one series which essentially starves your LED lights of power and can severely diminish the overall performance of your light bar.

What is Voltage Drop in LED light bars?

Voltage drop is the reduction of electrical potential along the path of current flowing in an electrical circuit.

What are the signs of voltage drop in LED light Bars:

Symptoms of voltage drop in light bars can be non-operating led lights, sporadic operation of LED light bars, and light bar flickering.

How to fix Voltage drop in a LED light bar:

The first step is tracing all the light bar wires to confirm that the wires are still wrapped in their insulated casing. Sometimes wires may come in contact with metal surfaces in your vehicle causing the light bar wires to rub away their protective casings. If you do find wires that are missing their protective casings then you should immediately replace that section of light bar wire or replace the light bar wiring harness. Moreover, you will need to determine the root cause of that light bar wiring losing its protective casing.

Second step to do is get a comprehensive understanding of your vehicles light bar wiring set-up. Light Bar wiring set-up in a single series is not a good practice as you are providing only one source of power for multiple off-road LED lights to feed off. Instead, its best to run your LED light bars in a parallel series which allows for your LED lights to get all the power they require.

How to Test for light bar voltage drop:

Test the DC Input and Output with a multi meter to confirm that your led light bar is getting the correct amount of power. If you do not own a multi meter then it is best to have a qualified repair facility complete this task for you.

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