While the Seaswirl boat manufacture closed in 2011 there are still plenty of these boats on the water. Seaswirl boats are known for their quality boat building processes which is why they are very reliable. Our customer has a Seaswirl Striper 1851 and he wanted a quick and affordable solution to seeing better at night.

Best Seaswirl LED Marine Light

The best option for quick and affordable Marine lighting is the Aurora 3" Marine pods. These compact LED boat lights pump out a night slicing 3,880 lumens and is sold as a pair.

Built to last, these Marine spreader lights comes with an IP69 rating which guarantees that the product is 100% sealed to foreign contaminants. Fueling these powerful LED marine spreader lights are four, 10-watt OSRAM LED's that can be equipped with either a spot or flood beam pattern.

  • Flood Beam: Emits the LED light at 60 degrees which discharges a very wide beam to approximately 1,739 Feet
Aurora led light flood beam
  • Spot Beam: Emits the LED light at 10 degrees which discharges a very narrow beam that projects further than the competitors at 2,297 feet.
Aurora led light spot beam

Features of the Seaswirl Marine Light

  • Osram 10-watt LED Chips 
  • GE Lexan Lens - This Scratch and UV resistant lens is 300 times stronger than glass. 
  • High Quality 6063 Aluminum housing
  • Deutsch Waterproof connector
  • 316 Stainless Steel Screws
  • IP69 Rated Housing
  • Includes Deluxe Wiring Harness
  • Outdoor Dupont painting coats the LED light bar housing, guaranteeing the housing will remain unchanged for 5 years.
  • Military Breather - Allows this light bar to rapidly adjust to its surroundings to prevent unwanted moisture build up.

Seaswirl Marine Light Specifications 

  • Amp Draw: 2.1 Amps Per light
  • Dimensions: 3.2" x 3.3" x 3.0"
  • Beam Type: Flood or Spot
  • Lumens: 3,880 Lumens Combined
  • Beam Distance: 1,739 Feet/2,297 Feet
  • Ingress Rating: IP69
  • LED Count: 4
  • Overall Height When Mounted: 3.9 Inches

Seaswirl Light Pod Dimensions


What comes with the Seaswirl Marine light kit?

3 Inch-cubes-aurora-marine-kit-contents

  • Two LED Pod Lights with Female Deutsch Connector
  • 2 LED Pod Mounts
  • Mounting Hardware
  • One Deluxe Wiring Harness - The Aurora wiring harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation.

Seaswirl LED Light Pod Wiring Harness

Aurora led lights wiring harness

Included with this product is a full wiring harness which consist of the following:

  • Light Switch: CE Compliant 3 Pin Rocker switch encompassed in a water-proof housing. A red power indicator light will illuminate when the light is on, which is bright enough to be seen during the day but dim enough so it will not cause a distraction when the light bar is powered on  at night.
  • Relay: 4 pin water resistant relay is rated for 12 volts and 40 amps. The relay also includes a heavy-duty mount allowing for multiple mounting locations. 
  • In-Line Fuse: Industry standard blade-type fuse encased in a water-resistant
  • Wire: Is wrapped in extra thick thermoplastic insulation. The terminal ends are soldered and insulated in heat shrink tubing to prevent contamination from foreign materials. A rugged PVC encases the wires for a very professional looking installation. 
    • Wiring Lengths: Aurora provides you with a total of 16 feet of wiring.
    • From the relay, you will have eight feet of wiring to the LED Light bar, four feet of wiring to the on/off switch, and four feet of wiring to the battery.
  • Deutsch Connectors: The Deutsch connector has a thermoplastic housing design that is sealed to the elements with its signature integrated latch. The integrated latch wedges the terminal pins together in order to create an impenetrable seal eliminating the likelihood of moisture intrusion.

Terminal Ends: To ensure a seamless connection to your vehicle’s battery, the positive and negative battery terminal cables are equipped with soldered ring terminals covered with heat shrink tubing.

Wiring your Seaswirl Boat Light Kit

Because all of our marine lights come with its own wiring harness, installing this LED light can be done in a matter of hours.

  • Simply connect one end of the harness to your battery to obtain power and ground.
  • Route the Aurora light bar wires in a manner that will keep it from getting snagged.
  • Mount the provided waterproof light bar switch that makes it easy to switch it on and off. 
  • Plug in the light bar and hit the switch.
  • Before hitting the trails, now would be a good time to properly aim the light bar. 

Seaswirl Boat Marine Light Mounts

Lexbern offers a wide range of boat light pod mounts to fit almost any boat. We offer exclusive marine white mounts that are color matched to your boat.

Boat light bar mounts

We also offer a range of black boat light pod mounts.

boat light bar mounts

Why buy this boat light kit for your Seaswirl Striper

These lights are compact and bright which means these Seaswirl lights will blend seamlessly with your boats overall design. You don't want to purchase a big light that will stand out and ruin the nice aesthetics your Seaswirl Striper. 

Lastly is affordability, this product is truly the "best bang for your buck". When you save money on this lighting purchase it allows you to spend more money in other areas of your boat like an upgraded radar.

Seaswirl Striper Light Pod installed!


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