Everything you need to know about the Amber Beam Light Bar

The amount of LED amber lights installed on vehicles have been on the rise in the recent years due to the different variations of Amber LED lights available on the market. So we will quickly walk you through reasons why you need an Amber LED light on your vehicle.


Who needs an Amber beam light bar or Amber Light beam pod?

With the advantage of an LED Amber Beam being the ability to see better in foggy or snowy weather, Amber LED light bars are best for climates that see that a lot of snow or experience heavy fog conditions. However, just because you don't live in a snow ridden area like Colorado, it doesn't mean that you won't find an amber led light useful in a state like Pennsylvania. 


If you encounter ANY snow conditions or ANY fog conditions then it's a good practice to have an Amber LED light option on your vehicle. What most people fail to understand is that a LED light equipped with white light that is used in snowy or foggy conditions becomes unproductive due to the the reflective properties of the fog and snow.

To better understand this, have you ever walked outside on a sunny day when there is snow on the ground, what happens? When you walk outside you are instantly blinded by the sun because the sun light is reflecting off the snow on the ground. This is the same effect you get when when you turn your white LED lights on during snowy or foggy conditions. 


Photo Credit: Andre Morgan

Can you use a amber light bar when snowing or foggy conditions are not present?  

Yes, yes you can, Below is a drone shot of the Aurora Amber Spot Beam pods at night.

Aurora LED amber pod lights lights

Aurora Amber Flood Pods on a random dirt road in Tennessee.


Why Aurora Amber Light Bars and Amber Light pods are better than the competition?

What makes Aurora Amber light bars different from the competitors is that Aurora uses amber LED chips with a clear lens while everyone else uses white LED chips and an amber lens.


Recently there has been a lot of companies introducing amber LED light bars with an amber lens which gives the product a good look, but it handicaps the overall functionality of the product. The problem with this method is that it restricts the amount of light that comes out of the amber light bar or amber light pod.

Aurora chooses to manufacture their products with amber LED chips and a clear lens because it allows the amber LED light to be brighter and push the beam further to help you navigate fog, snow and other inclement weather conditions.

Aurora Amber LED Light Pods and Amber LED Light Bars Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel screws – Anti-corrosive not prone to rust

Over-sized heat sink – Double the area which results in faster heat dissipation

Military breather – Allows the light bar to maintain the proper air balance and prevent condensation

Waterproof fuse housing – Easy to install, multiple mounting options

Relay – Included and connected to the wiring harness

Deutsch Waterproof connector – Sealed to the elements

aurora amber led light bars

Should you get a dedicated Amber light or an Amber light bar cover?

This is a very common question we get and it depends on the following two factors:

  1. Amber Light Bar Mounting space: How much space do you have?
    1. For some of us, mounting space comes at a premium, so if your space is limited you may have to do the amber light bar cover or amber light pod cover. If your vehicle has the space for an LED white light product and an Amber light product then having a dedicated Amber product would be best.
  2. Amber Light Bar Usage - How often will you get to use the light?
    1. If you live in an area like Washington were you encounter heavy levels of fog, then a dedicated LED amber light would be best.
    2. If you live in an area where snow or fog only happens a couple of times a year then a amber cover would be best. With Aurora's Amber snap on light bar covers or Aurora's Amber light pod covers you can easily pop the amber cover's on and off when needed. 

What Amber Light Bar and Light Pods are available from Aurora?

Designed with the end user in mind, Aurora offers Amber LED Lights in a multitude of products.

Aurora Amber LED Light bars

  • With sizes starting at 10 inch and going all the way up to 50 inches.
aurora amber led light bars

    Aurora Amber LED Pods

    • Available in the popular 3-inch LED pod featuring the two most popular beam patterns of Spot Amber and Flood Amber.

    aurora amber led light pods

    Aurora Amber LED Pod Light Covers

    • Durable amber covers are also available if you already have a set of Aurora LED pod lights on your vehicle. These covers simply snap on and off.

    aurora amber led light covers

    Aurora Single Row Amber LED Light Bar Covers

    • Rugged amber covers for your Aurora LED light bar. Sizes start at 4 inches and go up to 50 inches. Simply snap them on and go.

    aurora amber led light bar covers

    Aurora Dual Row Amber LED Light Bar Covers

    • Rugged amber covers for your Dual Row Aurora LED light bar. Sizes start at 4 inches and go up to 50 inches. Simply snap them on and go.

    Everything you need to know about the Amber Beam Light Bar

    Aurora Amber Overcast series

    • The exclusive Aurora Overcast series contains LED pods equipped with a white LED light but include amber covers at a discounted price.

    Aurora overcast edition amber led light pods

    Aurora Amber Rock Lights

    • Aurora LED rock light that emits an amber beam at a very wide 120°.

    aurora amber led rock light

    Aurora AW Series LED Light bars

    • Have your cake and eat it too. These LED light bars feature a multi function light bar that is equipped with an LED amber beam and a white LED beam.

    aurora all weather series led light bars

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