Don’t hit another trail in your ATV before you install these LED Lights

Outfitting a 2005 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 With LED Lights

Don in Oregon loves to blaze the trails at night in his 2005 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 but the stock halogen lighting on his ATV made some trails difficult. With a plan all mapped out and a budget in mind he started his lighting upgrade project with Aurora ATV LED lights.

Brighter ATV LED Lights

The first goal was to tackle the ATV’s limited forward lighting problem. Don wanted a light bar, but he didn’t want a huge light bar that would become an eye sore, so he went with a 10 Inch Aurora NSSR series light bar.

Aurora ATV led light bar 10 inch NSSR series

The NSSR is one of Aurora’s newest lights bars that feature an ultra-thin and light weight design that is 30% thinner than competitors light bars. The Aurora NSSR’s light bar most notable characteristic is it’s sleek, no screw design that allows the product to blend seamlessly with any ATV. This patented ATV light bar comes equipped with ten, 5-watt Osram LED’s that produce a remarkable 6,080 lumens.

aurora light bar 10 inch

How to Mount the ATV Light Bar

On the front of the Bombardier Outlander ATV are round tubes that were able to accept tube mount clamps to attach the Aurora light bar.

Aurora-atv-light-bar -2005-bombardier-outlander-400-max

How to Wire the ATV Light Bar

Using the included wiring harness, he was easily able to wire the light bar to his ATV. The ATV light bar wiring harness also contains a relay, inline fuse and a switch. Don wanted the ATV light bar switch to blend with his ATV’s appearance, so he mounted it below the handlebars. Mounting the ATV light bar switch below the handle bars allowed the switch to remain slightly hidden but also within reach while riding.

2005 bombardier outlander max 400 atv light bar switch

2005 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 ATV Light Bar

With the Bombardier light bar now installed Don was able to see about 1/3 of a mile down the trail. While the forward-facing light project was complete he needed to focus on phase II of this project which was illuminating the side of the ATV.


ATV Side Illumination

The logic behind the need for side illumination is that during night riding adventures you may encounter obstacles and without proper side illumination you run the risk of potentially damaging your ATV. The other scenario that happens is some trails can be very tight and navigating those tight turns without proper lighting can also cause damage. So to prevent those scenarios from happening, Don went with a pair the Aurora 2-Inch Wide Angle Scene Beam LED pods.

Don’t hit another trail in your ATV before you install these LED Lights

These ATV side illumination LED lights emit the light at an industry best, 120 degrees. Powering these ATV LED lights are two, 10-watt Cree LED’s that produce 900 lumens a piece which is more than enough to give you the side illumination you need.

Don’t hit another trail in your ATV before you install these LED Lights

This ATV light kit comes with stainless mounting hardware, a female Deutsch Waterproof connector, and the mating male Deutsch waterproof connector.

How to Mount the ATV Side Lights

The Aurora 2 Inch lights were mounted on the left and right sides of the same round tube that the 10-inch light bar is mounted too. The 2 Inch LED lights are angled downward to help contain the light within


How to Wire ATV LED Side lights

With Don being a seasoned ATV rider, he wanted to have all the LED lights turn on at the same time. This meant he would to figure out a way to wire all the ATV LED lights on one switch. To complete this task Don purchased the Aurora 4-way splitter which is comprised of one female Deutsch connector that branches out to four male Deutsch Connectors.

aurora ATV light bar splitter wiring harness

To best utilize the splitter the ATV light bar wiring was done as follows:

  • Plug the male Deutsch Connector from the ATV wiring harness to the splitters female Deutsch connector.
  • Plugged one of the splitters male Deutsch connectors to the female Deutsch connector on the light bar,
  • Plugged two of the splitters male Deutsch connectors to each one of the LED side light pods.
  • For the fourth male Deutsch connector he capped it off since it would not be needed.


2005 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 ATV LED Side Lights

With the ATV LED side lights now installed, Don was able to clearly see around the front of his ATV.


As mentioned earlier in the article, he angled the LED side lights downward to keep the light as close to the ATV as possible. If he angled the ATV LED side lights up higher it would go well into the field which is not the lighting outcome he was looking for. But you can see from the picture above that with just one LED pod light on, he was able to see the side and left front corner of the ATV.


Products Used For this ATV Install 

10 Inch NSSR

2 Inch Scene Lights

Light Bar 4-Way Splitter 

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