Lexbern Yellow Beam Light bar open box Video

Don't have time to read one of our articles? Then check out this open box video for the Lexbern Single Row Light bar.

Best Toyota Tacoma Light Bars


The Toyota Tacoma is the best mid-size truck in North America, the only off-road component that does not come stock on the truck is LED lights and that is where Lexbern lights comes in.


Best Amber Light Bar for a Yamaha SXS

Our customer has a Yamaha SXS and was looking to increase his night-time visibility when riding during dusty conditions, check out this article to see what he did to solve that problem.

Best Polaris 10 Inch Amber Light Bar

Those who hit the trails hard know that the best side by side you can get is the Polaris RZR as its notorious for dominating any terrain. Check out this article to see how you can maximize your ride time when the sun goes down.

Brightest Toyota Tundra Amber Light Bar

Addictive Desert Designs
Just bought an Addictive Desert Design off road bumper but don't know which off road lights to install? This 4 minute read will show you the best Toyota tundra light bar options available. 

NEW - LEXBERN 20 Inch Single Row Yellow Beam Off Road Light

Looking for a Yellow beam off road light bar? Check out the New LEXBERN series light bar.

Toyota Tacoma Grille Light Bars

One of our customers wanted to add light bars to the front of his Toyota Tacoma but he didn’t want to alter the look of the front end so he decided to go with hidden Toyota off road light bars.

Best Single Row Amber Light Bar

An industry first, an all-amber single row light bar that is equipped with a GE Lexan Amber lens. By adding this single row light bar to your rig you will finally able to navigate those dark trails during heavy fog and snow conditions.

Lexus GX470 Gets AURORA Triple LED Fog Lights Pods!!

One of our long time customers Erick is back with a new LED Fog Light Video for his Lexus GX470. Check out his new installation video.

Aurora Side Shooters Gold Series - NEW!


A product update to Aurora's popular LED side shooter lights. Find out how they are brighter and more powerful than ever.


Best Amber Light Bar for a 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner

4 runner
When it comes to a long lasting vehicle, the Toyota 4Runner makes the list. So if your going to have a vehicle that will last that long you might want to get a light bar that will last as long too. 
10 Inch Aurora NSSR Amber Open Box Review

10 Inch Aurora NSSR Amber Open Box Review

Watch out latest video where we go over our newest light bar addition, the Aurora Single Row NSSR Series Amber light bar. Also included is the installation pictures from the Toyota Tundra install.