Extending your Aurora light bar wiring harness may be necessary for certain boat applications. You may need to extend the light bar wiring harness if you own a long boat or if you need more wiring to make the wiring installation look clean and professional. For a brand of wire to use we recommend Ancor Marine Grade Duplex & Triplex Wire.This process is fairly simple and below is a step by step guide to complete this task in under 30 minutes.

Tools Needed

  • Extension Wire
  • Measuring tape
  • Side Cutters, tin snips
  • Knife, razor blade
  • Wire strippers
  • Waterproof Butt Connectors or Solder and soldering gun
  • Wire loom
  • Electrical tape

Measure Twice Cut Once

The first step in this process is the most crucial so make sure you get it right. You will need to determine how much extra wire you need to extend the wiring harness for the light bar using the measuring tape.

Preoperative Phase

Now that you know how much extra wiring you need you can make the first cut into the Aurora LED light bar wire harness. You should cut the wire that goes to the light bar about a 2-3 feet away from the provided relay as shown by the red arrow below. Cutting and splicing at that section in the wiring harness still leaves you with enough wiggle room to mount the relay.

aurora marine light bar wiring harness extension

Intraoperative Phase

With the light bar wiring harness now in two pieces, use a knife or razor-blade to make a one-inch incision into the PVC that encases the wiring harness to give you access the wires inside. You will need to do this to both sides of the wiring harness. With the incision made you can peel back the PVC wiring harness casing to expose the wires. Do this to both sides of the light bar wiring harness then use the wire strippers to strip back all the wires. You will also need to strip the wires on the extended wires that you purchased. Attach and crimp the waterproof butt connectors to all sections of the light bar wires and make the appropriate connections. You can also solder the wires together if you do not want to use butt connectors.

Postoperative Phase

We strongly recommend wrapping the section of the light bar wiring harness you cut with wire loom. Furthermore, if the extension wire you purchased is not encased in PVC then it is highly recommended that you protect the wires with wire loom as well.

Check it twice

Do a quick double check to make sure you did not miss anything during this light bar installation. This includes wire connections, where the light bar wires were placed, and make sure you have accountability on all your tools. If you used a 10mm socket, then more than likely it is gone already, so move on😊.

Let there be light

This part is simple, with LED boat light bar installed and the wiring harness extended, press the switch and be amazed by the power of Aurora. As a precaution never look directly into an Aurora LED light bar as they are incredibly bright and can cause eye damage.

aurora led marine light

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