Mounting your new Aurora LED light bar or LED Light Pod is simple due to Aurora’s large variety of mounts. Below is a list of Aurora LED products and how the light bar mount or LED light pod functions.

LED Pod Light Mounts/LED Cube Light mounts

aurora led pod mounts

Included with your LED pod lights are mounts painted to match your LED light pod along with stainless steel mounting bolts. Aurora's unique LED light pod mounts were developed to allow for the maximum amount of rotation giving you the freedom to mount these cubed lights wherever you want.

2 Inch Round LED Lights

aurora 2 inch round led light

These Aurora LED pod lights come equipped with full stainless-steel mounts and stainless steel mounting bolts.

Single Row LED Light Bar mounts

aurora single row light bar mounts

Aurora Single row LED light bars come equipped with slotted stainless steel mounts and security screws that can be easily adjusted.

Dual Row LED Light Bar mounts

aurora dual row light bar mounts

Aurora Dual row light bar mounts allow for a full 360-degree rotation making angling the light bar simpler than the competitors.

Dual Row D1 Series LED Light Bar Mounts

aurora sliding light bar bracket

The D1 Series light bars come with Auroras slide brackets which allow you to slide the mounting bracket to your desired location for greater flexibility when mounting your light bar. The Aurora D1 Series light bars are offered in the following sizes 10-Inch, 20-Inch, 30-Inch, 40-inch, 50-Inch. When selecting a D1 Series light bar just use the drop down box to select slide bracket when you find the dual row light bar you wish to purchase.

LED Light Bar Cradle Mounts

aurora led light bar bracket aurora cradle light bar bracket

Aurora Light bar cradle mounts allow you to mount the light bar virtually anywhere where the traditional light bar feet mounts won’t fit. These cradle mounts are offered in 10-inch, 20-inch 30-inch, 40-inch and 50-inch.

O-Style Light Bar Mounts/ Tubular Light Bar Mounts

These light bar mounts allow you to mount your light bar or LED light pods to any round or tubular bar that is on your vehicle. These tubular bar mounts start at 1-inch and go all the way up to 3 ¼ inches. To maximize your mounting options Aurora has created four exceptional variations to these light bar mounts.

Standard O-Style Light Bar Mounts

How To Mount a LED Light Bar

No introduction needed for these light bar mounts as they attach to any tubular mounting surface.

Oblique O-Style Light Bar Mounts 

aurora LED pod mounts

These LED light pod mount can be used when your round tubular surface is at an angle.

Horizontal O-Style Light Bar Mount 

aurora horizontal LED pod mounts

This LED light pod mount is great for situations where you want the LED light pod to be mounted horizontally away from your vehicle but still face forward.

Vertical O-Style Light Bar Mount 

aurora vertical LED pod mounts

The vertical LED light pod mount are used in situations where you want to vertical mount your LED light pod.

ATV, UTV and Dirt Bikes Light Pod Mounts and Light Bar Mounts

Aurora ATV LED light bar mounts and LED light pod mounts are perfect for ATV, UTV, Dirt bike or side by looking to add some extra lighting to the front of their vehicle.

ATV LED Light Pod Mounts

aurora atv light bar mount dirt bike mount

Mount any pair of Aurora LED light pods to the front of your ATV, Side by Side, UTV or dirt bike handle bar. You can also save some money by getting the Aurora ATV LED Pod Light Kit.

ATV Light Bar Mounts 

aurora ATV LED light bar mount mounts

aurora 10 inch ATV LED light bar mount

Available for a 6-inch light bar and a 10-inch light bar these light bar mounts are all you need to mount any Aurora light bar to the front of your ATV, Side by Side, UTV or dirt bike handle bar. Save some money by buying the Six Inch Kit or the 10 Inch kit that both include the light bar and wiring harness.


Toyota Tundra Roof Mount 

Toyota tundra roof light bar mount aurora

Mount your 50 inch Aurora LED light bar on the roof of your Toyota tundra

Ford Raptor LED Light Bar Grill Mount

ford raptor light bar grill mount

Specially designed to fit Ford Raptors 2010 to 2014, this mount allows you to fit an Aurora 40-inch LED light bar in the grill of your Ford Raptor. Save some money and purchase the Aurora Ford Raptor Light Bar Kit.

Jeep Wrangler Light bar mounts

Aurora offers a light bar mount and a LED pod light mount for the Jeep Wrangler JK.

Jeep Wrangler Upper Windshield Light Bar Mount

jeep wrangler jk light bar mount

Mount an Aurora 50 Inch LED light bar with pride on the top of your Jeep Wrangler JK. This kit also includes gaskets to prevent the light bar mounts from damaging your vehicle. You can also save your self some money by purchasing the Aurora 50 Inch Jeep Wrangler JK Light Bar kit or the Aurora 50 Inch All White Jeep Wrangler Light Bar Kit.

Jeep Wrangler Lower Windshield LED Pod Mount

jeep wrangler light pod mounts aurora

You can mount a pair of Aurora LED pod lights to your Jeep Wrangler JK and if you need more lights you can get the D-version which allows you to mount two pairs of LED lights. That’s a total of 4 LED light pods or two LED light pods per side.

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