If you purchased a light bar from eBay or amazon chances are it is or it will be filling up with water or condensation. This is a common problem for lower end LED light bar companies. As an avid off-roader I have experienced this myself more times then I would like to count which is why I switched to Aurora LED lighting. Before I explain how to make a LED light bar waterproof, lets discuss why and how water gets into your LED light bar.



The Manufacturing Process or lack there of...

When buying cheap LED light bars for your truck from Amazon and eBay you run the risk of purchasing a light bar from a manufacture with low quality control processes. When dealing with cheap light bars manufactures from china; those companies are generally not manufactures but “assemblers”. An assembler is a manufacturing company that doesn’t manufacture anything or manufactures very little. Instead they buy the major bulk components from manufactures and then assemble the light bars themselves. When the product is finally assembled, that assembler puts their name on it and then sells the product to you. In the case of light bars, these “assemblers” purchase the lens, circuit board, housing, wiring and then assembles the light bar themselves.

So what's the problem?

The biggest problem with these light bar “assemblers” is that they frequently shop around for the lowest cost component to manufacture the light bar as cheaply as possible. The second problem is that they do not correctly assemble the product because they do not understand the component since they do not manufacture the components.


How does Aurora LED lighting make their LED light bars waterproof?

While the cheap LED light bar manufactures are using a liquid sealant to seal their light bars, Aurora uses a gasket plus sealant to maintain their IP69 light bars and IP69K light bar certifications. To completely seal the light bar Aurora uses 3/16’s stainless steel screws that are inserted every half inch to ensure a impervious waterproof seal. Aurora LED lighting prefers to utilize 3/16 stainless steel screws because of their anti-corrosive properties.


Furthermore, Aurora utilizes a patented military breather that allows the LED light bar to maintain the correct air quality to prevent unwanted condensation.


Yeah but I wanna keep my cheap LED light bar…What can I do?

If you are here because you have already purchased a cheap LED light bar or cheap LED light cube then there is still hope, don’t worry. The easiest method is to apply extra sealant in the area where the lens meets the housing and where the front housing meets the back housing of the light bar.

The better way of sealing your light bar will void your manufactures warranty.  But if it’s a cheap LED light bar, then it really doesn’t matter at this point. The better way involves disassembling your light bar and applying sealant to the mating areas of the components, which include the lens and the front & back housing.


In the future its best to spend a little bit more and purchase an Aurora LED Light bar for your vehicle and save your self from the headache of trying to keep water out of your LED light bar. 

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