How to use an Aurora LED light bar as an ATV headlight

It’s a dark Friday evening, Robby and Janice live on opposite ends of the town, Robby and Janice both had a bad day at work, both just want to get away to blow off some steam. Robby and Janice go into their respective garages and fire up their ATV’s.

Janice pushes the power switch to ignite the 8,500 lumen Aurora 10-inch light bar mounted on her ATV’s handlebar. Then Janice hits the throttle and blazes off into the trails with the Aurora light bar slicing through the night, turning the night, into day.

Robby on the other hand, only has a stock halogen headlight mounted on his ATV. Robby presses his headlight switch which dimly illuminates the dark in front of him. Robby slowly drives onto the trails constantly stopping to double check the obstacles in front of him.

Who do you think had the ability to escape from reality and engage in nighttime ATV riding to blow off some steam? If you said Robby, that would be incorrect as Robby’s inadequately lit ATV caused more stress as he wasn’t able to see efficiently navigate the trails. If you said Janice, then you were correct as Janice’s ATV was equipped with sufficient ATV led lighting to navigate the dark trails.

Be Like Janice!

It doesn’t matter if you are the average joe who had a bad day at work, a Professional ATV racer, or a nighttime hunter, having suitable ATV LED lighting is important for navigation and safety. Using Aurora LED light bars as an ATV headlight is easy with Aurora’s simple selection of ATV light bar handlebar mounts. With these Aurora ATV light bar mounts you can install a light bar in minutes to virtually any ATV. These mounts make the installation of your ATV light bar easy thanks to Aurora’s heavy duty and universal design.

Benefits to using Aurora LED Light Bars as an ATV Headlight:

  • Quickly install your ATV light bar in minutes
  • Aurora’s heavy duty and universal design.
  • Stainless Steel Construction with satin black powder coat finish
  • The ATV Light bar mount fits narrow and wide steering stems, this includes 2-bolt stems and 4-bolt stems.
  • Cost Efficient

Aurora offers these three ATV LED light bar headlight solutions

Aurora ATV LED ATV Headlight POD Mount Kit

Allows for multiple LED pod lights to be mounting to your ATV. This kit can accommodate any of Aurora’s LED Light pods which includes Aurora's 2 inch ATV LED Pods3 inch ATV LED lights and 4 Inch ATV LED light pods.

aurora atv led headlight

Aurora ATV Handle Bar Mount For 6-inch Light Bar

Aurora has a large selection of 6 inch ATV light bars that can meet your needs. This includes Amber ATV Light bars, Single Row ATV light bars and ATV Dual row light bars.

aurora 6 inch ATV led light bar mount

Aurora ATV Handle Bar Mount For 10 inch Light Bar

Aurora offers over 10 different, 10 inch ATV lights bars that are guaranteed to brighten your night time trail riding.

Aurora ATV led headlight bracket


Is your ideal ATV LED headlight solution not listed above? Then don’t worry because Aurora still has universal ATV LED headlight mounting solutions to meet your needs.

Aurora ATV LED Headlight Cradle Mount

Aurora ATV LED headlight mount

These unique ATV LED light bar Cradle mounts are universal and can mount to almost any surface, 

Standard Aurora ATV LED Headlight Tube Mounts

Aurora ATV led light bar mounts

These ATV light bar mounts allow you to mount any Aurora light bar to your ATV's tube bumper or roll cage.

ATV LED Headlight Light Bar Horizontal Mounts

Aurora ATV LED Headlight Light Bar Mount

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any horizontal tube bar allowing you to achieve lights that are pushed away from the vehicle and not above the vehicle or mounting surface.

ATV LED Headlight Oblique Light Bar Mount

Aurora Oblique LED Light Mount Kit

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any angled tube bar allowing you to achieve forward facing and leveled lights.

Aurora ATV LED Headlight Vertical Light Bar Mount

Aurora Vertical LED Light Mount Kit

Aurora's unique design allows you to mount your LED cube lights to any vertical tube bar allowing you to achieve lights that are forward facing.

Aurora Magnetic ATV LED Headlight Light Bar Mount

How to use an Aurora LED light bar as an ATV headlight

When you have no other alternative to mount an ATV LED Headlight to your ATV,  Aurora offers a Magnetic mount kit which can quickly be mounted to your ATV. The other benefit to these ATV light bar mounts is that they are magnetic which means they can easily be removed to prevent theft.

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