Why Light bars are great for Side by Sides

Light bars are an excellent addition to side by sides due to their enhanced illumination capabilities. They provide broad-spectrum lighting that significantly improves visibility during night rides or in low-light conditions. Read this quick article to find out why you need a light bar on your side-by-side.

Best Polaris RZR Light Bar

Whether you're riding in a group or riding alone, adequate lighting is a required to safely navigate the trails your Polaris is rated to drive. Check out what our customer did to make sure the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

Should you install Off road lights on your ATV?

Should you install LED lights on your ATV? Is it worth it? What are the benefits? Check out this quick read article to find out why you should add lights to your ATV.

Best Can Am Mavrick Off Road Light Bar

If you are looking for a thrilling off-road adventure, you might want to consider buying a Can-Am Maverick. This vehicle is designed to handle any ...

Polaris General Light Bar

Need more light for your Polaris General SXS? Then check out this affordable and bright option.

Best Polaris Ranger Off Road Light Bar


The Polaris ranger is one of America's most popular UTVs because of its power and durability. This article will quickly bring you up to speed about the best Polaris Ranger LED light bar upgrade.


Yamaha Grizzly Light bar Install

Whether you own a 100 acre ranch or you just like blazing through the woods, proper ATV LED lighting is a must to get the task done safely. 

Quick Honda Rancher Light Bar Enhancement

Enhance your Honda Rancher's night time riding handling by performing this quick and simple LED light upgrade.

2 Quick Polaris Off Road Light Upgrades

Check out these quick and easy Off Road LED Light upgrades that are both affordable and bright.

Polaris RZR Off Road Light Bar Options

The Polaris RZR continuously provides enthusiast with innovative performance to create the ultimate riding experience. However, once the sun goes the RZR fun level can decrease dramatically if you don't have the correct off road LED lighting set-up.
Don’t hit another trail in your ATV before you install these LED Lights

Don't hit another trail in your ATV before you install these LED Lights


Don in Oregon loves to blaze the trails at night in his 2005 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 but the stock halogen lighting on his ATV made some trails difficult. Find out we helped Don achieve his night time ATV lighting goals.

Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Reversing down a trail in an ATV can be challenging at times but trying to maneuver your ATV in the dark is much more challenging. To make this task easier, Aurora has a variety of affordable ATV LED reverse light options from you to pick from.