Best Lexus GX470 and Toyota LED Fog Light Options

Installing Aurora Amber LED Pods & Diffused Pods on Lexus GX470

Are you not satisfied with your stock Lexus GX470 Fog light lighting? If you answered yes, then you need to do what our customer Erick did with his Lexus GX470.

Lexus GX470 LED fog lights Toyota led fog lights

Erick is an avid off-road enthusiast that wasn’t satisfied with his stock Lexus Fog Light lighting so his plan was to modify the existing fog light location to be able to hold two 3 inch LED pods to serve as Lexus fog lights and daytime driving lights.

Which LED Fog Lights are best for a Lexus GX470

Erick knew he could only mount two sets of pods so he reviewed all of the Aurora 3 inch LED pods that Aurora has to offer and came up with the following solution.

Aurora Lexus LED Fog Lights with Diffusion Beam

For the Lexus GX470 daytime driving lights he chose the Aurora LED pods with Diffusion Beam.

Aurora lexus led fog lights diffusion beam toyota led fog lights

He went with the diffusion beam for daytime running lights because the diffusion beam produces a softer LED light which gives the illusion of the light surrounding the obstacle as opposed to other beams which shine directly onto the obstacle which can create a glare.

aurora Lexus led fog lights Toyota led fog lights

The other benefits to adding an Aurora LED light pod with diffusion beam to your Lexus GX470 are the following:

  • The LED fog light produces a pattern that is 100 degrees wide, with no defined edge.
  • The LED fog light works by having a diffuser over the lens which scatters the light to create a softer light.
  • These LED lights fog lights come is powered by four,10 watt Cree LED's that pump out a combined  3,880 lumens

Aurora Amber Lexus LED Fog Lights

For the other pair of LED fog lights for the Lexus GX470 he went with a sent of Aurora Amber LED pod lights with a Flood Beam pattern.

aurora lexus gx470 amber led fog lights

Erick went with a set of Aurora LED Amber Fog Lights because he needed LED lights that would advance his driving capabilities in foggy weather and in snowy weather.

aurora amber led fog lights

The other benefits to adding Aurora Amber led fog lights to a Lexus GX470 are:

  • Lexus Amber LED Fog light housing is manufactured with high quality 6063 Aluminium.
  • Lexus Amber LED Fog lights comes with an industry best, IP69 ingress rating
  • Adding amber LED fog lights to your Lexus GX470 will greatly enhance your bad weather navigation capabilities.

Below is a picture of what the Aurora Amber LED cubes will do to your Off-Road trails at night.

aurora led amber fog lights lexus amber led fog lights

And the final product!

Aurora led fog lights lexus gx470 Toyota led fog lights

Lexus GX470 LED Fog Light Installation :

The installation process to install these LED fog lights on your Lexus GX470 is actually quite simple. 

  1. Remove your factory fog light
  2. With your factory fog lights now removed, grind down some of the bumps stops
  3. Next step is drilling the new mounting holes for your new lights
This is what your fog light area should look like when complete

Lexus GX470 LED Fog Light Wiring:

To wire these LED fog lights you have two options, with the first option being to just use the provided Aurora wiring harness for each light. The second option is using the factory controls for the diffused lights and using the provided Aurora wiring harness to activate the Amber LED lights.

To use the factory controls for the diffused pods, he did not use the Aurora  wiring harness, instead he wired the diffused pods directly to the factory Lexus fog light wiring harness.

To do this he ordered a set of the Aurora Male Deutsch Connectors that mate with the diffused pods. The other end of the Deutsch connectors contain bare wires which can then be spliced into your factory fog light wiring harness.

aurora lexus fog light connector

To wrap up, below is a copy of Erick's review of Aurora:

"There were a couple of times that we went to the trails and the night hit us, that’s when I noticed that I needed more lights, couple of times I chose the cheapest LEDs and had a bad experience and money wasted. When I heard about AURORA I did research online and I found a couple of videos of how they test them and I noticed that they would be capable and reliable. Right now I own 2 pairs of Aurora 3” LED pods, 1 of them are Diffused Pattern and it’s been used for DRLs, I haven’t had any problems with other drivers flashing their lights at me because they were too bright. My 2nd pair are AURORA 3” LED pods Amber color Spot Pattern and those are only used on Extreme Foggy conditions or Heavy rain. Lenses are clear as they came brand new. I did a 3 foot water crossing with them and they are still alive, never have condensation inside the lenses like others.
Now I just installed my 3rd pair of AURORA 4” LED Single row (Scene Pattern) for reverse or rear lights, they are super bright for the size, I cannot review those because I just installed them and I like to be honest with my experience on any type of products.

About Erick & audiioaddiict.4WD

Erick is not new to the off road scene and he has a very active YouTube and Instagram account. Be sure to follow him using the links below.

Instagram - audiioaddiict.4wd

YouTube - audiioaddiict & 4WD

If you are looking to do the same LED fog Light set-up for your Lexus then you will need the following:

1 Pair of the Aurora 3" Diffusion Pods

1 Pair of the Aurora 3" Amber Flood Pods 

1 Pair of the Aurora Male Deutsch Connectors

Want more Aurora LED lights for your Lexus? Then be sure to check out our other Lexus LED lighting article: 

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