When if comes to iconic overland vehicles nothing stands out more that the 200 Series Land Cruiser. One of the few body on frame vehicles remaining, this powerhouse is notorious for taking adventure seekers off the grid and safely returning them home. With a vehicle that capable, it needs to be outfitted with the correct off road LED lighting to to safely navigate the unknown.

Best Light Bar for a Prinsu Rack


Our customer scott elected to go with the Aurora NSSR 40 Inch LED light bar. This 40 inch light bar utilizes a combination beam pattern that produces 24,320 lumens. A combination beam light bar comes with both spot and flood beam optics to produces a beam that goes far and wide.

This light pairs perfectly to your Land Cruisers Prinsu rack for two reasons:

  1. Obviously, It fits dimensionally. The Aurora 40 inch NSSR series meets the length requirements that Prinsu calls out on their spec sheet.
  2. The price point, you probably spent a good chuck of your budget on the rack. The Aurora light bar was not just built with quality in mind, it was also built to be affordable.  

Toyota Land Cruiser Light Bar build quality


This quality-built Toyota Land Cruiser ]light bar also features the following: 

  • GE Lexan Lens - This Scratch and UV resistant lens is 300 times stronger than glass 
  • Deutsch Waterproof connector
  • Outdoor Dupont painting coats the LED light bar housing, guaranteeing the housing will remain unchanged for 5 years.
  • Military Breather - Allows this light bar to rapidly adjust to its surroundings to prevent unwanted moisture build up.

Toyota Land Cruiser Light Bar Specifications


  • Ultra-Bright 24,320 Lumens
  • Beam Distance of 3,993 feet
  • Osram 5-watt LED Chips 
  • Beam Type: Combination Beam (Spot & Flood) 
  • Low Amp Draw of 9.8 Amps

What comes with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prinsu Rack Light Bar

Included in this kit will be everything you need to install this light bar to your Toyota Land Cruiser. This includes stainless steel mounting hardware and anti-theft bolts to protect your investment.

Also included is a full wiring harness that consist of an inline waterproof fuse, 12V relaywaterproof deutsch connectors and all the wiring you need for a professional installation.

Wiring Toyota Land Cruiser Prinsu Rack Light Bar

Because all of our off road LED light bars come with its own wiring harness, installing these items can be done in a matter of hours.

  • Simply connect one end of the harness to your battery to obtain power and ground
  • Route the Aurora light bar wires in a manner that will keep it from getting snagged.
  • Mount the provided waterproof light bar switch that makes it easy to switch it on and off. 
  • Plug in the light bar and hit the switch
  • Before hitting the trails, now would be a good time to properly aim the light bar. 

Mounting Prinsu Light bar on your Toyota Land Cruiser 


There are various mounting options available for mounting this light bar to your Prinsu rack. Our customer inverted the brackets that come with this light bar to make it fit snuggly on the roof rack.

Why do you need this light bar for your Toyota Landcruiser roof rack?

Most light bars feature exterior stainless steel screws that go around the face of the light bar which means they have the tendency to make the light bar "Pop" and stand out.

The NSSR features a "Screw-less" design which means there is no stainless screws surrounding the face of the light bar. This design allows the light bar to blend seamlessly with the overall look of your Toyota land Cruiser.  

Light Bar installed on Toyota Landcruiser with Prinsu Roof Rack


Get this Toyota Landcruiser Light bar set-up today

Looking for an amber version of this exact same light bar? Then check out the Aurora 40" NSSR series Amber Edition Light bar.

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