If you're an ATV enthusiast, you might be wondering why you should install LED lights on your ATV. LED lights are not just for show, they have many benefits that can enhance your ATV experience. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing LED lights on your ATV:

Bright Off-Road ATV LED Lights


LED lights are brighter and more energy-efficient than halogen or incandescent bulbs. And you probably already found out that your stock ATV lights aren't cutting it. They can illuminate the trail better and help you see obstacles and wildlife more clearly. LED lights also consume less power, which means they won't drain your battery as fast as other types of lights. The light bar in the picture is the Aurora 10" NSSR ATV light bar.

Durable ATV LED Lights

LED lights are more durable and resistant to shock and vibration than other types of lights. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough terrain without breaking or burning out. LED lights also have a longer lifespan, which means you won't have to replace them as often as other types of lights. At Lexbern we feature a limited lifetime warranty for an added piece of mind.

ATV Multi color Lights

LED lights are more customizable and versatile than other types of lights. You can choose from different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to suit your personal style and preference. You can also adjust the brightness and direction of the LED lights to suit different situations and moods. LED lights can also be synced with music or sound effects to create a fun and festive atmosphere. The Aurora Evolve is one of the best multi-function ATV light bars you can install.

ATV LED Underbody Lights 

If you're after something a little less complicated, then a set of Aurora ATV LED rock lights are for you. These ATV rock lights are offered in a variety of kits, so pick the kit that best meets your needs. 

ATV Single Rock Light kits

Add one rock light or as many as you like with our single ATV rock light kits.

4-piece ATV Rock Light kits

This ATV Rock light kit will provide you with four ATV rock lights, which means you will have one for each wheel. And best of all, these 4 pack kits are offered at a discounted price.

6- or 8-piece ATV Rock Light Kit - Bluetooth controlled

Complete Plug n Play Multi Color kit that includes, Bluetooth Control module, and 6 or 8 ATV LED rock lights.

Affordable ATV LED Lights


LED lights are more affordable and easy to install than other types of lights. You can find LED light kits that come with everything you need to install them on your ATV, such as wiring, switches, brackets, and instructions. You can also find LED light bars that are designed to fit on specific parts of your ATV, such as the bumper, the roof, or the roll cage. You don't need any special tools or skills to install LED lights on your ATV, you just need some time and patience.

So should you install LED lights?


As you can see, installing LED lights on your ATV can make a big difference in your riding experience. LED lights can improve your visibility, safety, performance, style, and fun factor. So, what are you waiting for? Get some LED lights for your ATV today and enjoy the ride!

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