Our customer Andres purchased an Addictive Desert Design (ADD) Stealth fighter bumper for his Toyota Tundra. Andres went with this off road bumper because it works with his vehicles sensors and it allows you to mount a 40 inch curved light bar behind the bumper. Additionally, this off road bumper allows you to stealthily mount two, 10" light bars on each side of the bumper. 

Best Toyota Tundra 40 Inch Light Bar

With bumper purchase complete Andres needed to get quality lighting that wouldn't break the bank as the bumper purchase was over 2k. Andres went with the Aurora 40" curved light bar powdered coated in white. 

Toyota tundra 40 inch curved white light bar

The Aurora 40 Inch Curved Light bar produces 34,240 lumens and is equipped with a combination beam pattern. The combination beam pattern provides you with a beam pattern that goes both far and wide.

Some other notable highlights:

  • Light Bar is sealed together with 316 Stainless Steel Screws that are inserted every 1.5 inches
  • IP69 Rated Housing
  • Constructed of 6063 Aluminum 
  • UV and scratch resistant GE Lexan Lens
  • Military Breather maintains the proper air balance between the light bar and the environment. 
  • Oversized heatsink allows for quick dissipation of heat.

Best Toyota Tundra  Amber Light Bar

With the main light selection out of the its time to move to the two side lights. Andres wanted to amber beams instead of white beams to help him navigate through fog and snowy conditions. So he went with the Aurora 10" NSSR series Amber Edition

aurora amber light bar toyota tundra

The Aurora 10" Single Row Amber light bar utilizes a combination beam pattern that produces 1,700 lumens. Aurora amber light bars come with a clear UV & scratch resistant lens and actual amber LED's which provide you with a brighter, richer amber beam pattern.

The patented, IP69 rated one piece design housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum and then mated with UV & Scratch resistant GE Lexan lens.

Installing a Toyota Tundra Light Bar


Aurora light bars provide a full wiring harness with each light. To ensure proper installation, Aurora provides you with a total of 16 feet of wiring which is more than enough to achieve successful installation. From the relay, Aurora provides you with eight feet of wiring to the LED Light bar, four feet of wiring to the on/off switch, and four feet of wiring to the battery.


Aurora light bars are made to correctly fit into into Addictive Desert Designs bumpers. While there are a lot of models and variations, you can always reach out to us in advance to make sure the light bar will fit your vehicle. 


Final Picture of Toyota Tundra Amber Light Bar ADD Bumper


 Toyota Tundra 40 Inch Curved Light Bar with ADD Stealth Fighter Bumper


Get this Toyota Tundra Light bar Set-up today:

Aurora 10" Amber Light

Aurora 40" Curved Light Bar - White Housing

Aurora 40" Curved Light Bar - Black Housing

UPDATE: Check out the rear LED lights that were installed on this vehicle

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