Our customer Tom is back for more Overland lights for his 2nd Gen Toyota Sequoia or XK60. He already outfitted the front of his Sequoia with Aurora LED lights, and you can read more about that here. The Toyota Sequoia sometimes needs an introduction because it can be overlooked due to the fact that Toyota has another large off-road capable SUV, the Toyota Landcruiser. The Toyota Landcruiser is definitely Toyotas flagship off-road SUV, but the Toyota Sequoia is just as capable and typically available for less money.

Since the front of the rig was already outfitted with Aurora lights it was time to move onto the rear of the vehicle and below is what we did.

Best Toyota Sequoia Overland Light

To make sure there was enough light to see while backing up or setting up camp he went with an Aurora 20” dual row Wide angle light barFueling this powerful light bar is forty, 5 watt Osram LED's that are sealed in a IP69 rated housing which is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum and then mated with UV & Scratch resistant GE Lexan lens. 


This wide angle light emits 17,120 lumens at a remarkable, 120 degrees.

What is a Wide Angle Scene Beam pattern?

A Scene beam pattern is an exclusive & unique pattern that emits light in a short but wide beam pattern at 120°.

aurora 20 inch Toyota scene beam

Benefits and features of the Toyota Overland Light


  • Powerful OSRAM LED Chips
  • Durable 6063 Aluminum housing
  • Includes Stainless Steel Anti-theft hardware
  • Ultra Bright 17,200 lumens
  • Includes Full Wiring harness to make installation easier
  • Rugged UV Resistant GE Lexan Lens
  • Equipped with Aurora's Patented Military breather to prevent moisture build up.
  • Waterproof Deutsch connector grants you a solid connection every time

Toyota LED Light Specifications


  • Lumens: 17,120
  • Beam Type: Wide Angle Scene Beam
  • Number of LED's: 40
  • Amp Draw: 8.4 amps
  • Overall height when mounted: 4.2"
  • ingress Rating: IP69

What comes with the Overland Light Bar Kit


  • One 20 Inch Dual Row Light Bar with Female Deutsch Connector
  • Two Mounts
  • One Deluxe Wiring Harness - The Aurora wiring harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation.

Why buy this Toyota Overland Light Bar Kit

For some of us, a simple set of Aurora 3” reverse lights will work but some of us need more light because we do venture off the beaten path where adequate light is scarce. For that basis, there are two main reasons for adding this product to your Toyota Sequoia.

The first reason is for traveling a dark trail at night. Not every one of us has experienced this but I personally have. You think you are on the right trail but it turns out you missed the turn for “Trail 5” so now you have turn your rig around in pitch black darkness. Whether you have to a do multi-point turnaround on a narrow trail or you have to throw your rig in reverse for a ¼ mile, this light bar is for you. Because this light produces a large amount of lumens it makes that task a lot easier then if you just had the standard 3” LED reverse lights installed.

The second reason would be more for the Toyota owners who use their rigs for overlanding and camping. If you ever had to set-up camp at night then you know how this will help. For those who haven’t, it’s a pain, granted, the invention of head mounted flash lights have made this easier, its still a pain. With this light you just hit the switch and get to work. And as a friendly reminder, please don’t be that person who uses a light bar with a forward facing light beam to set-up camp at night, those beams are meant to go as far as possible and will be blinding anyone around you.

You can also use this light as a regular camp light because it’s equipped with a wide angle scene beam. Since the light beam comes out very wide it does not go very far which keeps the light beam in a relatively close distance to your proximity.

Toyota Sequoia LED Lights Installed


Bright Toyota Sequoia LED Lights


Toyota Sequoia LED Light Beam Pattern


Toyota Sequoia Overland Set-up Forward Facing

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