John Deere Gator LED Reverse Lights

John Deere
The full-size Gator our customer has, is built to go places where most trucks can’t, so it often means working well into the evening hours. Our customer wanted to make sure he can safely maneuver around objects at night, so he came to us for LED reverse lights for his John Deere Gator.

Toyota Sequoia LED Reverse Lights

Our customer Tom is back for more Overland lights for his 2nd Gen Toyota Sequoia or XK60, check what we did for the rear of this Toyota.

Chevy Silverado LED Reverse Lights

Our customer wanted to improve his reverse lights with something that would meet his requirements of being simple to install, bright, blends with the trucks appearance and is affordable.

Brightest and Affordable Ford F-250 LED Reverse Lights

Throwing your truck in reverse down a dark trail that is overgrown with brush can be a very difficult task with factory reverse lighting. The reverse lights that come with your truck are great for reversing in parking lots or other well lit areas. But you didn't purchase your truck to just be a "Grocery Getter".
Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Reversing down a trail in an ATV can be challenging at times but trying to maneuver your ATV in the dark is much more challenging. To make this task easier, Aurora has a variety of affordable ATV LED reverse light options from you to pick from.
Best LED Reverse Lights For Jeep Wrangler

Best LED Reverse Lights For Jeep Wrangler

There are plenty of options for LED reverse lights for your Jeep Wrangler but we will tell you what one of our customers who lives in Botswana did to his Jeep Wrangler.
Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma

Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma

LED Reverse Lights
Find out how we easily solved a General Home Contractors limited LED reverse lighting on his Toyota Tacoma. By understanding the customers needs we were able to get him into a set of quality Aurora Wide Angle LED reverse lights
LED Reverse Lights

LED Reverse Lights

Buying Guide
LED reverse lights are one of the most popular upgrades for the rear of an aftermarket vehicle as they simultaneously improve the rear lighting output and increase the vehicles appearance. This upgrade is popular with off-road enthusiasts, but you don’t need a truck or SUV to integrate the LEDs into your vehicle..