Best Toyota Tacoma Light Bars


The Toyota Tacoma is the best mid-size truck in North America, the only off-road component that does not come stock on the truck is LED lights and that is where Lexbern lights comes in.


Affordable Toyota Tacoma Body Armor Off-Road Lights

Body Armor
While there are many Toyota Off Road light bars on the market there is only one brand that gives you quality, brightness and affordability.

Toyota Tacoma Grille Light Bars

One of our customers wanted to add light bars to the front of his Toyota Tacoma but he didn’t want to alter the look of the front end so he decided to go with hidden Toyota off road light bars.

Best Light Bar for Toyota Tacoma with Victory 4x4 Rack

Buying Guide
When it comes to Toyota Tacoma roof racks, the victory 4x4 roof rack is one of the best on the market. These CNC cut roof racks are forged from 3/16 American steel and finished with a two stage powder coat process. Built to last, the Tacoma roof racks can carry anything your overlanding trip may demand and best of all, they have a cut out for a 40 inch light bar.
Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma

Best LED Reverse Lights for Toyota Tacoma

LED Reverse Lights
Find out how we easily solved a General Home Contractors limited LED reverse lighting on his Toyota Tacoma. By understanding the customers needs we were able to get him into a set of quality Aurora Wide Angle LED reverse lights